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Release Day Blitz: Tap'd Out by Harley Stone

Title: Tap'd Out
Series: Dead Presidents MC Series #5
Author: Harley Stone
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: May 26, 2019

Serving as an intelligence officer taught Tap how to listen, but nobody warned him about hearing too much. Now, he skates the line between paranoid and prepared, afraid to fully trust anyone, even his club brothers.

Sasha Petrov believed in the system. She devoted her life to serving and protecting, only to find that justice is a greedy whore that sways toward the best paying client. Now, she’ll settle for vengeance.

When Tap finds Sasha beaten, bloody, and begging for help, he’ll have to risk exposing all his secrets to save her. Can someone so broken put her back together?

She was perfection. Every bruise, scar, and bandage paid tribute to her strength and determination. I wanted to become intimately acquainted with each dimple, kiss every freckle, run my tongue across every mole. “You’re fucking gorgeous,” I said, spinning her back around. 

Her expression softened. “You’re not bad yourself. I mean, if you’re into those perfect stripper body, probably-works-out-everyday, sexy-as-hell types. Which I am.”

I chuckled and pulled her into my arms again. “Good. Is this okay? I don’t want to hurt you.” 

She swallowed. “I don’t want that either.” The desire in her eyes made her desire clear, but the way she chewed on her lip and the slight tremble in her arms told me she was scared. 

“What can I do?” I asked. “What do you need from me?” 
She looked over our scattered clothes and scooped up my shirt. Turning me around, she used it to tie my hands behind my back.

I flexed, noting how loosely her bonds held me. “I can break out of this,” I said honestly. 

She turned me around to face her again, her green eyes pleading. “I know. Don’t.”


Harley Stone writes mafia romance and funny-as-shit romantic fiction. When she's not writing, she's busy living out her real adventure in southwest Washington with her husband and their five boys. 


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Is editing really that hard? by Catherine Edward

Is editing really that hard?
By Catherine Edward

Editing is a nightmare. Don’t trust me? Ask your author friends.
Writing is way too easy until we are put up with the editing. Editing phase can be stressful that it can take a toll on your mental health. While I don’t have years of editing experience to show in my portfolio, I have worked with a few editors and would like to share my experience with up and coming authors.

Why is editing so stressful?

Simple. Because this is when you’re put face to face with your mistakes.

Yes, while editing an author see 99% of his or her mistakes. Many authors know how to effectively handle this, but newbie authors who’re going into editing for the first time often struggle a lot.
Our experience doesn’t have to be the same, but I’m assuming some of you will be able to relate with me. Especially, bilingual authors to whom English isn’t their mother tongue.

Authors usually have a love-hate relationship with editing. While the end result is something to look forward to, the entire process could be exhausting. Several things happen during the editing phase. This is the stage where you cleanse, revise, rewrite, add/remove scenes and polish your script for publishing.

 My struggle with insecurities:

The struggle is real. I rewrote my very first manuscript at least eight times. There were so many things to learn and in each round I kept finding mistakes.

First of all, when someone pointed out the mistakes I was eager to right it. So, I learned how to do it right and ended up rewriting the entire thing. Then when my script was accepted, I thought things would be easy. But no. The real struggle began there.

The professional editor I was assigned with, had a keen eye for plot holes and what not. She pointed out every single mistake on my script and while she was nice about it, I'd be honest to admit, the insecurity demon poked its head in.

Every time I sit before the computer, I saw only my mistakes. I kept thinking ‘I'm not good enough.’ I blamed myself for even wanting to write. I almost gave up. Called it quits.

It was my online author friends, who kept me going. They encouraged me and reminded me of things I have achieved so far.

For people who don't know about me, I started writing online on Wattpad and Inkitt. I was mostly praised for my writing style. Hardly anyone pointed out a mistake. So, the first thing I had to do was to understand and accept is that the world outside online platforms is different.

Editing initially took a toll on me. I kept procrastinating, wallowed in self pity. Played blaming games with myself. Cursed for becoming a writer. But then, stepped in my online author friend, Melissa, who heard me through and told me to believe in myself.

We went to Google docs, where she looked at every suggestion made by my editor. Melissa suggested another rewrite. She didn't stop there. She identified where I'm having trouble and showed me a few samples by rewriting a few scenes for me.

With the confidence she gave me, I set out to start fresh. Now, after 6 months of hard work, I look back and realize, it was all worth it. I should thank my publisher in all this. They had been really patient with me when I told them I want to rework on the script and allowed me to work on my own pace.

Believe in yourself:

Throughout my experience, one thing I learned is to believe in myself. If you don't love your story enough, nobody will.

Your story has to make you happy as a reader first. Does it make you laugh? Does it make you cry? Are you able to feel the emotions in your words? Those were the questions you want to ask yourself.

Anyone who talks to me about editing, I'd tell them to keep an open mind. You may think your script is perfect, but in reality, it's riddled with mistakes. You won't even realize it, until someone points it out. What you think as the best scene ever might poke the readers in the eye.

One can hone ones skills only when he or she accepts his or her mistakes and learn from it. Don't be afraid of your mistakes. See it as a means to learn.

Again, as an author you should know when to accept or reject suggestions. When the changes suggested are within reason, always try to do better.

I'll talk more about editing and other writing related stuff in my upcoming posts. Stay tuned.

Also, I'd like to know your experiences with editing. How did you overcome the struggle? What helps you better? Email me your experience at or for a chance to get featured in our blog.

Looking forward to connect with you all.

Thursday, May 16, 2019



by Jen Davis

Publication date: June 4th 2019

Genres: Adult, Romance

No one knows me--not the true me shaped by my sordid past.
I cover the scars on my soul as well as I hide the ones on my skin.

I'm living proof that only the strongest survive on these streets. But I paid a heavy price for my survival.

Now I'm ready to move on, to forget my past. In my dreams, I do it with Matt. I've had my eye on him ever since he joined Cooper Construction. Like me, he keeps his true self hidden, locked inside a shy and silent shell.

Somehow, I break through. Touch the untouchable. But when love strips us both naked, the truths we reveal may end up tearing us apart.

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Jen started her love affair with romance novels, first as a reader, then as a reviewer and blogger. She launched a romance book blog in 2010 and jumped into Book Twitter shortly after.

She is happily married to her high school sweetheart. Together, they’re raising two kids, a cat, and a dog who is afraid of his own shadow.

Jen spends her days working as television journalist and her nights curled up with a good book.

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Deception - Read the Excerpt here!

Deception is a new standalone paranormal romance that's now live on Inkitt. Read here...

The Lycan King, Aluxious had been a captive of Vampires for months. His only hope for escape is the naive and young Vampire Princess, Reyna. He'd do anything to get out of the hell hole, even if it is to break the heart of the unsuspecting Vampiress.

With their races once again at the brink of the war, Reyna must decide where her loyalty lies. Little does she knows, her decision could end the war or start another one that'd wipe their races off the earth.

Weekly updates: Saturday or Sunday.

Chapter – 1

That sound stood different from the round of cheers and hollers. A feminine sob caught his attention, causing him to snap his gaze toward his left.


The silver-edged spikes of the whip connected with his skin on the back, peeling away a chunk of flesh as it left. A hiss of pain slipped out of his lips as a sharp pain shot in alarm.

He heard it again. Muffled and choked out. Another sob. His bloody gaze swept around the crowd, searching for the source. He could only smell the Vampires. Interesting.

The whip connected again. This time, he purposefully made a noise of pain. Loud cheers erupted from the crowd and it was all he could do not to roll his eyes. While it hurt like hell he never gave them a satisfaction by making a sound before.

As expected, the sound came again in a form of a strangled cry and his blazing Amber gaze connected with deep topaz blues. Aluxious sucked in a sharp breath when the whip cracked again.

Tears trickled down her cheek as someone tried to pull her away. His nostrils flared, trying to separate her scent from the others. A vampire, he was sure. But young and naive. That would work.

The lycan masked the wisp of a smile and looked away. He could work with that sympathy. If he played his cards right then that would buy his freedom. Hope bloomed within as his gaze flicked to her again.

He roared when the whip connected for the seventh time that night. Not that his scream would lessen their blows. It would warrant more. They always beat him bloody and raw, until he could no longer stand. But he needed her attention. Tonight, things were different.

Killian's face twisted as he laughed out. Oh, how much he'd love to dove his claws into his chest. He'd take his time killing him. In fact, he'd kill them all given a chance. They'd kept him weak by injecting a lethal concoction of wolfsbane, nightlock and a few other herbs that was only found in Barrmount Hills.

Aluxious closed his eyes, focusing on the pain as his beast, bristled its fur. Weak. But still battle ready. His body coiled with tension as the whipping continued. Hatred and fury deepened in his heart, turning it darker.

It was the need for his vengeance that kept him alive. They expected him to give up, but he didn't. He wouldn't. An alpha never gives up. He was born into a long line of pureblood Lycanthropes. Defeat wasn't something they accepted easily. As long as he breathed he would fight with every fiber of strength in his cells.

The body wasn't strong anymore. It couldn't keep up with his mind. They'd planned his torture in a way they only allowed time for his skin to heal itself, only to cut him open as he bled. Night after night they brought him out to the throne room as they took turns, whipping him. Sometimes when they didn't get the satisfaction of his cries, they resorted to other torture techniques.

It was working. His beast was cracking. Little by little. He was giving into the madness of their primal nature as time went on. Only they hadn't realized it yet. Aluxious clenched his jaws as his body swayed. His eyes closed, not wanting to see the satisfaction in their eyes as they admired their handy work.

They'd pay. They'd all pay with blood and their lives. When he escaped, he'd bring death and destruction right to their doorstep. There won't be any escaping then. He'd spare none. 

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How I deal with Writer’s Block? by Catherine Edward

How I deal with Writer’s Block?

Writer’s block––I see most authors talking about this on social media. Almost every day, authors are talking about it.

When I started writing, I had no trouble with it, but later on when I actually got it, it was hard to work around at first. I tried different tactics and found some working ways. Thought I’d share it with you all.

Writer’s block is not a curse. It’s your body and mind telling you they need a break or more motivation.

What causes the writer’s block?

Tricky. But if you ask me, I’d say almost anything can cause it.
It’s that feeling when you sit in front of your manuscript, words refuse to flow like they usually do. You type out a few sentences and then you realize you’re just staring at it. This frustrates every author.

It could be because your creative juices aren’t flowing well; you’re stuck with your plot, unable to decide where to go from there. It could be your stress––personal or professional. 90% of the authors I met usually hold a full-time job or studying. Most female authors have families and small children that demand most of their time. Sometimes you’re too tired to even write after a long day.

How to work around your writer’s block?

Well, mostly it’s how I work around it. You have to leave it alone and wait for the creativity to strike you again. Sometimes, you have to hit its head and force your brain to work.

Here are some things I do:

1. Chapter outlines:

Making chapter outlines for your manuscript can work wonders. When you’re plotting for a story, you can actually make small notes on what you want for each chapter. I know of a few authors, who lay it out perfectly before starting their script.
But every author has a different working style. I’d say try a few things and stick to ones that works for you.
These chapters outline can range from a simple sentence to bullet points or an entire chapter outline.

For example:

a)      A simple note: CH – 1: Introduce Male MC and his background
b)      Bullet points:
  • Male MC goes to a party.
  • He meets the Female MC.
  • They talk and dance.
  • He asks for her number.

c)      Chapter outline:
·        Male MC goes to a party – meets female MC – sexy & charming – he’s intrigued – she turns his offer for a drink – he convinces her for a dance – they ends up talking and finds they have more in common – he offers her a ride – she declines – he asks for her number – she writes it in his palm – her friend calls her and she leaves – he watches her leave.

Like I said, you need not necessarily do this, but when you work on multiple scripts at the same time having these notes will help you catch up. Also, you won’t feel stuck.

2. Plot Outline:

I do this for almost all my scripts. When I start with a story, all I have is a one liner that will make the crux of the story. I build the characters and scenes as I write. So, while writing multiple scripts, I find it easier to have these.

For example, I’ll show you the points I wrote down for my book Getting Over Him.

  • Arianna is betrayed by her boyfriend.
  • He cheats on her with her twin sister.
  • She’s heartbroken and wants to move on.
  • Her friends drag her for a vacation.
  • She meets her crush on the island.
  • She’s drawn to him, but afraid to risk it all.
  • They go on Jet ski. He kisses her.
  • Arianna decides to take a chance.

It goes on like this. Here, though I know what will happen, having small notes like this helps when I get stuck at a certain scene. Sometimes, we don’t exactly follow what we wrote down earlier. Ideas for scenes may change as we write. Or we may come up with something more suitable and that’s fine.

3. Reading:

The above two helps you if you’re stuck due to lack of creativity. However, reading is very important too. Reading is thought provoking and it does wonders while you’re writing.

Read every single day. I’m a person, who can’t sleep without finishing a story if I started reading it. But when I started writing, finishing a story in a day was almost impossible. So, these days I convince myself to read it in parts. I read at least two or three chapters every day. It helps a lot.

While what you read is completely your choice, I’d say read a book in a genre you’re writing. I prefer to read Cynthia Eden’s book. Her writings inspire me. So, her books are usually my ‘Go to books’ while I’m having trouble with writing.

3.1 Read your own books:

So, you have started writing and you’re in a situation where you can’t decide how to proceed from there. The best way to tackle this is to get down to read the story from the start. Convert the document into PDF or .mobi format and read it like a reader. If the story has a sequel that’s connected, read that too. This will open the invisible blockades and will give you better ideas.

There’s another worst phase authors go through. It is when you feel detached to your story or you feel as if you’re losing your touch. Worry not, it’s just your mind playing tricks or it’s the daily life stress. Read the previous stories you have written. You’ll definitely find the motivation you need to keep going.

4. Movies/ TV series:

Watching movies or TV series are thought provoking too. If you write Paranormal or Horror or Contemporary, watching something related to it, helps a lot. It also refreshes your mind.

5. Listen to Music:

Listen to your favorite music. Just because you write, you don’t have to think about it all the time. Though sometimes you can’t help it. If you like to dance, go shake that booty of yours like no one’s watching.

6. Take a break:

Like any other work you do, writing and reading can stress you too. Some may not agree with me, but it’s true. When the struggles in your real life drain you emotionally, all you want to do is to get out and have a break.

Do not be afraid of a break. And do not hesitate to take one when you know you need it.

I’d say your mental and physical health is most important. Your health and well being always comes first. Never compromise with that.

During this time, take a break from your electronic gadgets. Go out. Meet friends and family. Go out for a walk, play with your pets. If you can afford a travel, go to some place and make new memories. Go to a nearby park and spend some time with nature. Go to a beach and observe the waves. If you like sports, engage in some sports related stuff. Do anything that’ll help you.

7. Befriend fellow authors:

Today’s technology had evolved so much that you’re no longer confined to a typewriter and in a single room with no means to meet others often.

Other authors are just a click away. Get on social media, join authors groups on Facebook. Twitter is also a great platform to meet new authors and befriend them. The key is other authors, just like you, likes to talk about their works. When you scroll through social media, when a content genuinely interests you, make sure to comment on it. If the author strikes you as a friendly person, make small talks. Get to know them. Ask them about their writing.

Most often, these favors are always returned. When you stuck on your plot, talking to these authors and brainstorming will help a lot. They see things from a different perspective which does wonders.

8. Never give up:

Last but not least, never give up. Though this is not much relevant, I’ve seen young authors giving up easily when they are stuck on something. I know of people, who never touched their script for over a year.

Writing requires a lot of hard work, patience and creativity. If you don’t push and motivate yourself, you won’t get things done. You have to love your story first. If you don’t love your plot baby, who will?

The reason I write is to read stories I’d want to read. I’m not ashamed to admit, I’ve read my stories a lot of times and swooned at it like a reader would. I write for myself, because it makes me happy.

So, always remember the reason you write. Be your fan. Cheer yourself.

Hope this helped. Feel free to knock my inbox anytime. Happy writing!

Release Day Blitz: Tap'd Out by Harley Stone

Title: Tap'd Out Series: Dead Presidents MC Series #5 Author: Harley Stone Genre: MC Romance Release Date:  May 26, 2019...

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