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Frequently asked questions about Inkitt

Frequently asked questions about Inkitt

I am new to Inkitt, so are many readers. I can't express my gratitude that you've gone as far as to download the app to read my stories. You are the best readers I could ever ask for: Loving, understanding, supporting and caring. I love you all so much.
So, here are few reader questions about Inkitt and I've tried my best to answer them with screenshots.
Most asked# 
I don't wan't to download Inkitt.  I don't have space on my mobile.
I have 2 options for you - 
First, you can click the link I provided and read the stories on your Mobile browser. You can login using your Facebook or google to personalize the experience.
Second, you can replace Facebook, Messenger and Twitter with their lite version. It saves much space than you think. (Facebook Lite, Messenger Lite, Twitter Lite). Clean your Whatsapp media files regularly to relieve space.

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1.1# How do I know if there is a new update on Inkitt?
You'll receive a notification just like Wattpad. Also, I will post a chapter update here, saying that Chapter - xx is now available on Inkitt. Below is how you receive notification on Inkitt, it's similar to that of Wattpad.
1.2# It is my first observation on Inkitt,it is harder to navigate on the app.not like here in wattpad where it is so easy to access currents reads and/or any new updates.

It gets easier, once you are familiar with the app. If you go to your library, there will be three tabs - Current reads, History, Reading lists. As for the updates, you can also see it on News feed if you are following the Author. If you missed it, Inkitt will send you an email notification about the new chapter you haven't read yet.

2# How do I vote for the story?
Unlike Wattpad, you can only like a story once. The more readers like the chapters, the more chance for me to win the contest and sign the publishing deal. It's simple, just press the heart icon.
3# How do I leave a review? I really like your story, but I don't know how.
Leaving a Review is simple. Just click the star icon (review). It will open a page like below.
Just click the stars. Fill the review with your comments, if you have any or you can also opt to leave the stars alone. The more reviews, the more attention the story gets. You can only review once and it allows you to edit your review later on.
4# How can I comment on a story?
It's just like Wattpad. You can comment, on every single chapter and I can respond to you. It works only on phone app.
5.1# How do I follow you on Inkitt?  
You can follow only from your mobile app. Go to my profile and click follow button.
5.2 # How do I message you?
There will be a small message Icon in the profile and you can message me from there. Also, unlike Wattpad, Inkitt allows you to use all sorts of emojis on personal messages :D You can message only from the phone app.
A single screen shot showing both message and follow option attached below:
6# Why did you move your stories to Inkitt?
Inkitt offered to pay me an incentive to write on their website. I agreed to write because it doesn't put any extra pressure on the reader, since it's free of any costs.
Also, as a struggling writer, I could use the money. My internet doesn't come free, you know ;) And, I need it to connect with you all.
7# Are you leaving Wattpad? Will you move all the stories to Inkitt?
No. I won't leave Wattpad. However, the recent happenings are not that motivating. I'll continue to post the chapters here, but they will be marked private. I have my reasons.
Completed books are moved to Inkitt. Ongoing books will stay here until it's completed. And then, it will be unpublished.
8# Does Inkitt prohibits you from posting your story here?
No. Unlike Radish, they don't demand me to pull out my books from Wattpad. They encourage me to post here, but on delayed timelines, so both of us can benefit from this.
9# How is your Inkitt experience?
I am loving it.
First, every single story submitted to Inkitt goes through a quality check before being approved. Second, I have a representative, who responds to me without fail.
This ensures the safety of my work and the editorial team doesn't allow any story that doesn't meet their quality requirements.
Lets just say that the quality writers with good stories, stand a greater chance of being found in Inkitt. There stories are not shadowed by countless erotic one shots or cliches.
10# Is there any other reason you moved onto Inkitt?
Yes. Inkitt offers a publishing deal to the writers if their books performed well in their site. So on a long run, I really hope this would work out for me.
11# Is there any other way I can contact you?
Of course. I am always available on Twitter (Cathy_Edward10) and Facebook (@IamCatherineEdward). I changed my twitter username from BookwormWattpad to Cathy_Edward10.
Also, you can email me at Much safer way to converse, what do you think?
Also remember, bookmark this link and whenever you read the updates, please go through this link.
I also have a facebook and Whatsapp group named - Catherine's Book Cafe.
Message/Email me for Whatsapp group invite.
12# How do I add the book to my library/public reading list?
Click the Download icon (ribbon like icon on your left hand bottom in mobile). 

Now, choose the library or public reading list you want to add this to.
The book is added to your library. 
13# How do you share Inkitt books on Social Media?

Open the story in the computer and on your left there will be sharing icons. Choose the social media of your liking and share. On your mobile, you have in below.
14# For readers who got the below error message, Inkitt's response is below:

Please make sure that the readers have the newest version of the app installed, and also, they may be seeing the message because they either don't have their birthdays set or aren't 18+, since that corresponds to your books as well. They should go to their profile settings and adjust accordingly.

Below is the screen shot of my profile on Inkitt.


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  1. Can i move my stories from wattpad to inkitt without inkitt offerin?


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