Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Review: His Alpha: Curving Straight Lines

His Alpha: Curving Straight Lines His Alpha: Curving Straight Lines by Rachelle Mills
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Loved it!

I am one of the privileged reader, who got to read this book on Wattpad. I love the works of Rachelle Mills and I am so happy that I could finally have her works on my shelf.

Tommie is the beta to Alpha Tate. When they come of age, they realize that the fate had intertwined their lives in the most impossible way. They struggle to come into terms of their sexuality. Being together and accepting their fate isn't easy. An Alpha is expected to choose a Luna who could bear children, a heir to his pack.

Tommie tries to go away for his studies, but when he returns after 4 years, the emotions he carefully tried to bury so deep is once again awoken. Through in a pack drama, you are in for the ride that's worth your time.

This is the first gay romance I read. As usual the author sends her readers on an emotional roller-coaster right from the beginning. Those who don't know about this author, she writes about pain and how to deal with it.

Her characters doesn't have it easy, they fight for it. She shows their weak, vulnerable moments. The characters of her stories always earn their respect, not just in the world they are portrayed, but also in the minds of their readers.

I love how her characters mature from the struggle they go through. Her works have motivated upcoming writers like me personally and professionally.

I highly recommend Rachelle's works. If you haven't read her stories before, you are missing it.

So what are you waiting for :D

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