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Interview with Author Brett Hicks

Interview with Author Brett Hicks

I studied English Lit and Music in college. I am a huge nerd who grew up on Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and many other Supernatural TV shows. I endeavor to tell a great story! I am a huge fan of Chloe Neil and Timothy Zahn. Their work inspires a lot of my creations in some ways! 

I am a professional guitar player, who used to play in a metal band.
Other than these, I am constantly attempting to keep my dogs from wagging war on my house and my cats!

1. When and how did your writing journey start?

Like most authors, as a child, then as a teen writing and drawing comics.  I started writing novels at nineteen, when I was not satisfied with the current Star Wars Novel series.  I wrote a Fanfic in the end of the Legacy of the Force Series.  Later, I began to pen my own original ideas.

2. I loved Kayla Mcqueen and The Lycans of Grayville series. Both series has strong female leads and are built in a unique world. How did you come up with such an inspiring plot line?

Honestly, I just picture the character, and I start to work out from there.  I write the world I see, as the plot unfolds.  When you get an interesting Leading Lady, you have to then ask, “Why is her story worth writing?” Then you have to make sure it is worth the time for readers.

3. All your female leads are strong, hot-headed and sarcastic. Do you plan to make them that way or is it the plot that demands them to be written in a certain manner? Do you mind if I ask who/what inspired you to write the female leads in a different light?

Well, my earliest published leads model off my younger sister.  She is a tomboy and she is also a huge fan of my Lycans of Grayville.  She raved at how I truly captured her personal reactions to the conflicts and character relationships.  She was sad that I had already finished the series, when she read it, because she wanted to get to help co-write it.  I would have enjoyed that, since my sister is a lovely writer herself!

4. So, let’s talk about your recent release Born Succubus series which is trending in Amazon. Can you tell us a bit about the plot and the world in it? How many books will this series have?

Well Firstly, there can be as many as ten books total.  I have five set to finish the first plot arc, and give a glimpse of the bigger threat looming over the MC’s head.

The story follows a Half-Japanese, Half-Caucasian girl named Melony Toyo.  She thinks she is a human, but after being attacked by a vampire, she wakes up in her own bed, and she soon realizes she was never human.  The world around here had species of “Born” supernaturals that have been cropping up in the human population.  Some human couples randomly giving birth to genetically different children.  They call them all Born, but there are many races and different creatures.  Melony gets knocked down a rabbit hole and she is constantly struggling to survive the new brutal reality she is thrust into.

5. I felt like A Southern Werewolf Series is similar to Lycans of Grayville. Are they connected?

I liked June as a leading lady.  They are not connected, just a shared desire to write werewolves and to attempt to do so with my own unique flare.  I personally loved writing the deep southern setting, and the unique blend of characters. The mix of action, romance, and comedy had this series more of a mature read, probably mid-to-late-twenties or older. Lycans of Grayville was more of a general werewolf story, with a broader audience in mind.

6. Let’s come to this big project you’ve been working on. Steel Rose Mae–I’m one of the privileged readers to get a sneak peak of the story and I should say it’s freaking good. Can you tell us more about the universe and characters in this series?

Well, I am working on finishing the first book now.  I have been working on several High-Fantasy stories set in unique worlds in a Middle-Ages setting.  I have also been working to perfect the complexities of the inter-personal relationships for Mae and her Friend Tara.

A side note, I have another series that follows a Fae girl called Highborn This might ultimately be the better of the two books, while I plan to publish both, I am going to prioritize the series I feel is in the better position for readers.

7. When you look back at your writing journey, what do you feel? Can you tell me about the challenges you overcame?

Well I am constantly learning, adapting, and changing, like every writer.  You cannot stop learning, or reading, or your work stagnates and you show no new interesting twists and turns.  I physically cringe when I read my earlier works.  Even some of my published work, I look back and wish I knew now what I learned by writing them and making mistakes, but I am proud of all my creations.  They mark my best efforts at each point of growth in my time.  

Now with fifteen published books, I am happier with where my growth is, but I am never satisfied.  If you let yourself become too satisfied, you stop learning to tell better stories.  End of the day, my life is all about telling people the best tales possible.  I love entertaining people, and I am thrilled to connect with my fans (Having fans is crazy!).  I just aim to keep writing better each day, and keep my fans entertained and hopefully bring more readers over as I keep improving and releasing new stories. 

8. What other projects are you working on?

You know me too well to seriously ask me that question, lol!  I am always working on 5-10 projects minimal and as many as 20 concepts at once.  I have so many files on my computer and my storage that I get lost looking for some of my more obscure manuscripts.

9. What's your family like?

My family are relaxed, but cranky, and they are very proud that I publish books.  They are supportive, even if a little condescending at times.  I love them, and their quirkiness!


1.     A random fun fact about yourself:

I used to play in a Metal Band

2.     Your strength: 

My outsider perspective, and my logical, but yet very unique way of viewing the world.

3.     Pet peeves:

Grammar Nazis and their constant march against us Indie authors who do not have a 3k $ editing budget!

4.     An unforgettable moment in your writing journey:
Well seriously, the day we met Catherine.  You were just supposed to be another small editing job, yet you turned out to be a great friend I never expected or saw coming! 

5.     When I'm not writing, I'd like to:

When I am not writing, either I would like to be writing, or on a date was a woman who loves English Lit as much as I do!  Lol!  I am a single man, no judging me!   

6.     Tea or Coffee:

Coffee, read my books, all my heroines are coffee addicts lol!

7.     Dogs or Cats:

Cats mainly, but I love Wolves, so I don’t know how to answer that question…

8.     Marvels or DC: 

DC baby! 

9.     What is the best piece of advice you’ve received?

“Get off your ass and finish that book, or your fans will stage a coupe!”

10.  The most inspiring quote:

“To thy own self be true…” –William Shakespeare

Message to your fans:

Thanks for tolerating me!  I love you all, and I am so happy that my books have reached you!  Thanks for all the support and the love you all show!  I hope to keep writing books that will surprise, and inspire you!  I also hope to show you that women are powerful, beautiful, and indomitable.

Keep track of his upcoming releases - WebsiteAmazonTwitter, Facebook and Goodreads.

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