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Review: The Girl Whole Stole My World

The Girl Whole Stole My World by Rachelle Mills
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This story focuses on Blue, who is learning to take her first step after an accident that left her bed ridden for months. She discovers her fiance had been cheating on her in the worst way possible. The day that should've marked her wedding with her sweetheart, she buys a new home and moves in, hoping for a new start. It was then she's invited to her cousin's wedding. Blue doesn't want to go at first, but then she decides to go since she did no mistake. It wasn't her fault her fiance cheated on her with her cousin and now they are together. Feeling lost and utterly self-conscious Blue hires an escort to accompany her to the wedding. What happens next is for you to read and find out.

The story is not just about pain, it is about getting over the pain and learning to move on. The relation and bonding Blue has with her parents are so beautiful. Especially I love the mother hen Maizey. Dirty secrets are revealed little by little in each chapter while building enough tension to keep the readers cliff hanging. 

Let's take a quick look at the characters and my thoughts about them.

🔷 BLUE - 

First of all, when I read the story I couldn't take Blue from my mind. It felt like I am her and she is me. She is in my dreams and managed to take a permanent seat in a comfortable couch in my mind. She is so relatable and realistic. 

Blue is a survivor of a brutal accident which shatters her carefully built nest, taking away her friends and everything she loved. The accident also leaves scars in her face and body that makes her self conscious. Personally, I think all of us are self conscious about our bodies at some point of time. It makes her more realistic.

She is blamed for no reason. The accident helps her identify who her friends are and who were pretenders. The story further proceeds to show how the accident changed her and how she struggles to fight her inner demons/insecurities to once again face the world.

🔷 RYAN -

Ryan is Blue's date for her cousin's wedding which marks her first social event after her accident. I can go on and on about Ryan, but I'd let the readers read and find it for themselves, because he, ladies, will make you sweat. *clearing throat.*


Whenever I read stories which has an accident, all those stories seem to focus only on the victims. But here, we get a glimpse of the person behind the accident. Matthew's life is changed after the accident that claims the life of his twin. His career is lost and he lives with the guilt that kills him from the inside. 

Here the author again surprised me by showing the thoughts of the person who caused Blue's accident proving every story has two sides. The story showcases one of the beautiful friendship blooming between two unexpected and different individuals. And, it is so heart warming.


Then there is a negative character L. who likes to imitate Blue in anything and everything, sadly she doesn't realize she will run out of stuff one day because she is a copycat. You'll plot her death, and it happens with almost all of Rachelle's books, so yeah. Rachelle brings out the worst in me with her antagonists. And, that's were she succeed as an author.

There is another character, Blue's ex-Joshua. I'm not going talk more about him, because he brings out the violent tendencies in me. But, he got what he deserved in the end and he deserves L. That's all I'll say.

We, wildflowers, (Rachelle's fan group) nicknamed the antogonists as Whoralye and Trashua. It's one of our favorite past times trolling them. Rachelle doesn't mind, of course.

🔷 TANK: 

Then there is a naughty dog Tank, who likes to fart a lot, sleeps with his butt planted on Blue's face, hates dog food and squirrels, loves pizza and creates himself a mud bath. 

How can I not mention him? I laughed so hard until my tears leaked, the scenes involving Tank is really cute and its hard not to fall in love with the mutt. It's so hard not to miss Tank when you finish the story. 

He just infiltrates into Blue's world, changing her life for better without her realizing it. Tank is left in a kennel after his owner couldn't take care of him and the bond he develops with Blue will melt your hearts. So dog lovers, here is your treat.

Tank has his own Twitter account - follow here

That's Tank for you :D

🔷 Last but not least the incidents mentioned in this book does happen in the real world, though not exactly in the order how it is mentioned here. So it makes this world feels so realistic.

Rachelle always justifies the story and characters, knowing her she never leaves loose ends . Her female characters are always strong or the struggles they face in their life makes them stronger. In this we see how Blue evolves throughout the story.

I highly recommend this book if you haven't read it yet. And, make sure you have enough time in hand before picking this up, because once you did, you won't be able to put it down until it's complete. I think that's a fair warning.

Rachelle is always best at what she does. The plot flows smoothly and the characters are so strong that by the time you finish two chapters, they will be residing in your mind.

Once again she blew my mind with the descriptions. There are so many emotions that flow through the story; love, betrayal, pain, friendship, humor etc., You literally feel like you are living with the characters. The tension filled chapters leave the readers cliffhanging throughout, which I loved.

Reading this story once again reminded me why I love her books so much. Now I am shuffling between Clayton and this, unable to decide which one is my first favorite.

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  1. This book was the best laughter to tears and back again rollercoaster... So many feels!


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